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 If your credit card is lost, you should know what to do and act quickly. This is the only way to prevent abuse and to limit financial damage.

Report a loss and block your card immediately!

Report a loss and block your card immediately!


This number is free of charge within Germany. Otherwise, costs may apply abroad, depending on the p has been lost, you should have the card blocked immediately. There is even a central emergency number for large banks and banking businessesrovider there, but the central number does not apply to all credit card providers. For this reason, it is advisable to save the relevant blocking number in your smartphone when you receive the card or after you have issued it. Then the number is immediately at hand.

Keep calm and proceed step by step

Keep calm and proceed step by step


As bad as all this may seem at first, now it is still a matter of keeping calm and documenting everything as precisely as possible. The time when the credit card is blocked should be noted, as the bank will only be held liable for any damage after the block. Everything beforehand can be borne by the customer. It is advisable to notify the responsible police station if there is any abuse. Furthermore, all important documents, especially the current statement, should now also be carefully kept as evidence.

Can I apply for a replacement card?

Can I apply for a replacement card?


After the loss of the card has been reported, most institutes will issue a replacement card within 1-2 days . However, this depends on the respective bank. Loss abroad is problematic because a card cannot be sent out easily. In this case, you should talk to the card issuer and look for a solution together.

When should a credit card also be blocked?

When should a credit card also be blocked?


The monthly card statement provides information about the individual transactions. Everyone should know when and where the credit card was used. If bookings appear on a settlement that are incomprehensible, have been booked twice or are even incorrect, the credit institution must be informed immediately. As a rule, consumers have a 6 to 8 week objection period against the billing. This means that a chargeback can be arranged.

Tip: Fraudsters tend to book smaller amounts now, because these are not noticed on the statement! Therefore, always check the settlement carefully. There is also the mesh that fraudsters use reputable names as debiting companies.

Credit institutions are usually more likely to notice fraud than the cardholder. Especially if higher amounts are to be booked, the credit card is blocked by the institute for security reasons and the customer is informed. Only when this authorizes the release will the card be released for the transaction.

How can you protect yourself against abuse?

How can you protect yourself against abuse?


In general, you should only buy on trustworthy platforms. It is not advisable to store credit card data in the customer account. Even if it seems incredibly comfortable. Furthermore, the credit card providers today offer various security measures, such as the SecureCode with Mastercard.

It is also possible to set a limit that can be booked. This is recommended for everyone who can use a fairly high budget.
In addition, the PIN and card should never be kept together.

Prevention is always better than aftercare. Therefore, consumers should always be careful when handling credit cards. There are in fact a few things that make abuse more difficult in advance:

  1. Never keep your PIN and credit card together
  2. After receiving the card, save the relevant blocking number / service number in the smartphone
  3. Store account data in a safe place (possibly save card number)
  4. Dial the PIN number indiscriminately and do not use the date of birth or 1234
  5. Do not store credit cards in online shops as a permanent form of payment
  6. Only leave your credit card in your wallet if you really need it
  7. set the limit yourself if the amount available is high
  8. Always check and check card statements carefully
What is American Mortgage? /what-is-american-mortgage/ Tue, 03 Mar 2020 23:55:03 +0000 What is American Mortgage? American mortgage is one of the most popular credit products of recent years. This is a non-purpose mortgage, which must be guaranteed by real estate.

However, it has a number of positives compared to other loans. On the Czech financial market can be found a number of banking and non-banking institutions that have American mortgages in their offer. One of them is Good Lender Bank, which lends from 300 000 to 1 980 000 dollars and up to 70% of the estimated price of the property. The repayment period is between 5 and 30 years.

Advantages of American mortgages

Advantages of American mortgages

  • a rapid review of applications and approvals
  • hedge property estimation free
  • possibility of making extraordinary installments, up to 25% of the loan
  • individual service and advice

Who is an American mortgage suitable for?

The American mortgage from Good Lender Bank is designed primarily for individuals over 18 years of age and permanently living in the Czech Republic who need to borrow a higher amount.

Thanks to the fact that the American mortgage loan is secured by real estate, the applicant can obtain a lower interest rate and a monthly repayment than, for example, for another type of consumer loan.

The advantage of the American mortgage is also the non-purpose and the money can be used freely, not only for the construction or purchase of the real estate, as is the case with a classic mortgage.

Quick and convenient arrangement with Good Lender Bank

Quick and convenient arrangement with Good Lender Bank

You can apply for an American mortgage from Good Lender Bank at any branch of the bank or you can consult by telephone. If you meet the required facts, you can have your money available in a relatively short time. You will be notified of the outcome of the application within three working days.

Insurance of installments

If you are interested in installment insurance, this is no problem. If you then have problems with payment for serious reasons, you can save a lot of inconvenience with insurance. In addition, if you take out this insurance, you can get a discount on the interest rate.

Conditions of acquisition

  • individual
  • over 18 years
  • permanent residence in the Czech Republic
  • a permanent source of income
  • Ownership of real estate to secure credit
  • two valid identity documents (identity card, driving license, birth certificate)
  • current account statement (current)
  • proof of permanent income (employer confirmation, 2 tax returns)
  • property documents (property sheet, cadastral map image, acquisition titles, real estate appraisal)
Suspend the loan due to economic difficulties /suspend-the-loan-due-to-economic-difficulties/ Wed, 26 Feb 2020 00:44:14 +0000

Are you no longer able to pay the mortgage installments? There is a way to request the suspension of the loan without incurring penalties or foreclosures: we explain what to do.

If you find yourself in financial difficulties and you are unable to comply with the payment of the mortgage installments, you have the possibility of resorting to the suspension of the loan, provided that this impediment is due to very precise and objective conditions. Among the causes provided for by the legislature, the sudden loss of work, the reduction of working hours or the onset of serious health problems, are valid reasons for obtaining important benefits.


Is there a law that protects me?

suspended loan

To offer a guarantee of temporary suspension of payments to subjects who have taken out a mortgage, but who are in temporary economic difficulty, Law No. 244/2007 established the Solidarity Fund for First Home Purchase Mortgages, which offers the possibility of postpone the payment up to two times, for a total duration of 18 months, as indicated by the law of April 27, 2013 which made the fund operational.


In what cases can I request temporary suspension?

credit loan

In order to take advantage of a period of mutual suspension, the law assumes that in the three years preceding the request, the aforementioned problems have arisen:

  • job loss;
  • serious handicap or condition of non self-sufficiency;
  • death of the mortgage holder

In addition, it is essential that the installments have been paid for at least one year at the time of the suspension request and have not accumulated more than 90 days of delay on monthly payments. In any case, no facility is provided if the borrower’s ISEE exceeds $ 30,000 or if the total loan amount exceeds $ 250,000.

In the event of the death of the mortgage holder, the request for suspension can be made by the heir who takes over the payment of the installments.


How can I apply for a loan suspension?

loan suspension?

If you are in one of the aforementioned conditions of economic hardship, you can send the application for a loan suspension directly to your bank by submitting the documentation useful for obtaining the approval of the Consap (Public Insurance Services Dealer) and consequently, access to the Solidarity fund.

Furthermore, with the Millederoghe 2018 decree, you will have the possibility to obtain the suspension of the repayment of the principal amount of the mortgage for a maximum of 12 months by continuing to pay only the interest portion. In this way, the duration of the amortization plan will be extended by the number of months corresponding to the suspension.

Loans without creditworthiness at the bank /loans-without-creditworthiness-at-the-bank/ Sat, 22 Feb 2020 00:50:34 +0000

Before the bank signs a contract with us, it will analyze creditworthiness, assess our financial standing and whether we can afford to pay back the loan. It will also check the history of our commitments and verify us in the debtors’ databases. Do we have any chance of credit without creditworthiness? Yes, although receiving it will not be easy


Loans without creditworthiness in the bank and the law

Loans without creditworthiness in the bank and the law

In accordance with applicable regulations, every bank operating in Poland is obliged to examine the creditworthiness of future borrowers. This follows from Article 70 point 1. the Banking Act and from Article 9 of the Consumer Credit Act. Thus, before signing the contract, the bank will analyze our creditworthiness, and its absence will cause that we will not get a loan.

In addition, in the light of the T Recommendation issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, banks must assess their creditworthiness objectively. Let us add that the very word “recommendation” is somewhat misleading here, as banks strictly follow the Commission’s findings. As practice shows, the assessment of our creditworthiness may vary depending on which bank makes it. Therefore, one branch will recognize that we are reliable future borrowers, and another … it will not grant us credit.


What is credit standing?

credit standing?

Creditworthiness is the ability to pay the contracted liability on time with interest. This is one of the most important factors that can determine whether we will receive the necessary financial support or whether our application will be rejected. Looking for information about whether a loan without creditworthiness in the bank is possible, we will come across offers from loan companies that promise to grant cash with virtually no preconditions. And this is indeed the case, but for a “minimum of formalities” we will have to pay a lot. Non-bank loans are much more expensive than loans granted by banks. Thus, if we need financial support in the first place, we should go to the bank.


How does the bank calculate creditworthiness?

credit loan

Although each bank has its own algorithms by which it calculates creditworthiness, there are basically two types of analysis. I am talking about quantitative and qualitative analysis. The quantitative analysis concerns the material situation of the future borrower, ie his earnings and expenses. The qualitative analysis focuses on factors such as the borrower’s age and gender, his education, place of residence, stability of employment, position held and marital status. Obviously, for a bank to analyze our credit standing, we must provide it with documents that will become the basis for issuing such an assessment. The bank will ask us, among others to provide a statement of earnings and account statements.He can also contact our employer to verify that the information we provide is true.

The place where the bank will definitely look when calculating our creditworthiness are the bases of debtors. If we are listed in such registers as BIK, BIG or KRD as unreliable payers, no financial institution will grant us a loan. However, we should remember that both BIK and KRD also collect data on timely repaid liabilities. Thanks to the BIK report, the bank will check how many liabilities we have in our account, how we regulate them and what borrowers we have been in the past. If we have always supervised the repayment date, we have nothing to fear. Before we go to the bank for a loan, let’s verify what information about us is in BIK.

It is worth knowing that we can assess our credit standing alone. We will do it using the creditworthiness calculators available in the network. The information obtained in this way cannot replace the analysis carried out by the bank, whose calculations may be slightly different.


Form of employment and creditworthiness

credit loan

The form of employment also influences how the bank assesses our credit standing. Sometimes, to get the coveted loan it is enough to “only” change a civil law contract into an employment contract. Preferably the one concluded for an indefinite period. To be able to apply for a loan, we must be employed for a minimum of three months (with an employment contract). If we work on a “waste contract”, the required seniority will be correspondingly longer. Depending on the specific bank, it is 6 or 12 months.


Loans without creditworthiness at the bank – is it possible?

Loans without creditworthiness at the bank - is it possible?

As we have already mentioned, banks have their own methods of calculating creditworthiness. Therefore, if we want a loan, let’s look for a branch where we can demonstrate sufficient creditworthiness. If we want to improve it, repay our current liabilities, give up credit card and overdraft. Let’s also beware of becoming someone else’s – this will reduce our credit standing just as much as a self-employed loan. If you want to improve your creditworthiness, you should build a positive credit history in advance. A person who has already taken a loan or even bought something in installments is for the bank a much more reliable customer than someone about whom the financial institution has no information.

You may also find that to get a loan without creditworthiness, it is enough to change its terms in the bank. A good idea here is to take a lower amount or spread the commitment over more installments. It will also work if you pay it off in the form of annuity installments instead of decreasing ones.

Assuming that we have no credit standing at all, let’s consider whether credit is definitely a good solution to financial problems. Even if we find a bank that will give us a loan, we may not be able to pay it back. We should remember that creditworthiness testing and tightening credit policy is to serve not only the interests of the bank, but also ours.



credit loan

Having the right creditworthiness is one of the most important conditions that we have to meet in order to get a bank loan. If we do not have it, the bank will clear us up. And he will do it according to the law. Creditworthiness testing is a guarantee for a financial institution that we can afford to pay the debt. Taking a loan to go financial simple is a solution that we strongly advise against. Fortunately, we can take care of credit improvement on our own. Being reliable payers, timely payment of obligations or giving up debt instruments will help us get the dream injection of cash.

Moments for young people how many years can you apply for a loan? /moments-for-young-people-how-many-years-can-you-apply-for-a-loan/ Tue, 04 Feb 2020 00:43:12 +0000 Young people turning 18 become full citizens who can use financial products. Despite the age of majority, few banks and non-banking companies have offers for such young people who do not yet have a stable financial situation. Are payday loans for 18 years a good solution and are such offers available at all?


Why young people have payday pay?

payday loans

Non-bank companies do not apply restrictive requirements to their clients, so they can offer payday loans to everyone, regardless of age and financial situation. Young people who are just entering adulthood are eager to use such offers when they lack the money for small expenses. Payday loans in installments are the most popular in this age group, because their repayment is much easier and does not burden the wallet so much. The money obtained is most often used for one’s own needs, pleasures or covering the costs of living in college.


Instantaneous pay for young people and financial risk

loans for young people

Non-bank products are easily available, so there are no restrictions to use them. It is not important whether the customer lives in Nowy Sącz, Przemyśl or Częstochowa, because the entire credit procedure is limited to submitting the application online. This payday pay for young people can be a help in a difficult situation, but also creates a risk of falling into a spiral of debts. Young people are often unreasonably taking out more loans, later having problems with their timely repayment. Payday loans without income declarations are the biggest threat, because then you can apply for even large amounts inadequate to your own financial capabilities.


When payday pay for young people is a good solution?

When payday pay for young people is a good solution?

Young people do not always apply for a loan in a thoughtless and impulsive way. It is often a well-thought-out decision that takes into account financial possibilities. Loans from 19 years can be spent on studying or covering the costs of education to relieve the family. Usually, students with an additional source of income, such as weekend work or paid tutoring, benefit from such offers. Such a person can be sure that he will be able to pay his debts on time and that he will wisely allocate his financial support to cover the necessary needs.


Instant delivery for young people – how do you find the best deal?

Instant delivery for young people - how do you find the best deal?

Non-bank companies are cautious about young clients because they are at risk. It is hard to find payday loans for 18 years, because most offers are available to persons over 20 years of age. At this age, some young people are already working and wiser approaching money management, so they are more reliable customers. For this reason, the most popular is payday payday, available on favorable credit terms. Before submitting the application, it is worth analyzing several offers beforehand and compare which of them is more favorable. A helpful tool may be a ranking in which the best proposals of proven loan companies are made available.


What is worth remembering when taking the first loan?

first loan?

In addition to finding an attractive offer, you must first of all carefully analyze your financial capabilities. The loan can be obtained in 15 minutes, but you should remember to pay it back on time. In the absence of stable income, you can’t be sure that you will be able to accumulate the amount needed to settle your debt. In the event of late repayment, additional fees will be added to the payday loan, which means that the amount to be refunded will increase significantly. Before applying for a loan, it is worth making a monthly statement of all expenses and inflows to your account in order to be able to determine the amount that will be repayable. The consequence of untimely performance of the contract may not only be high interest rates added, but also an entry into the debtors database or the initiation of bailiff proceedings.

Our brokers know how to value your credit file /our-brokers-know-how-to-value-your-credit-file/ Fri, 24 Jan 2020 08:40:10 +0000

Credit brokerage is a regulated and controlled profession. At Good Finance, the strength of our network is to bring together more than 53 free brokers, who regularly pool their skills, to better serve the individual interests of borrowers. Know-How that goes through the delivery of a “well presented” file to banking establishments.

We take care of the credit file

We take care of the credit file

Following the first meeting and the signing of the fundraising mandate, Good Finance brokers draw up, with their client, the list of supporting documents required to submit a complete file.

Within our network, we have the particularity of requesting only copies that we digitize, in order to have, at all times, all the elements, while avoiding any risk of loss of the originals.

Once all of this precious information has been collected, we have everything we need to tackle your credit file …

We catch the eye of the banks on your assets


Upon careful reading of these documents, we direct our research towards three or four partner establishments, the most likely to formulate an attractive loan offer.

To convince them to collaborate, Good Finance brokers draw up different summaries to highlight all the advantages of the file:

  • The profile of the borrower. In their commercial line, set annually, some banks favor categories of individuals. For example, they may decide to target first-time buyers, dynamic executives, young entrepreneurs, etc. Knowing perfectly the inclination of its various partners, our brokers choose to seek the appropriate establishments, while clearly emphasizing the “qualities” of their client.
  • The feasibility of the credit file: here again, the excellent knowledge of the functioning of its partners allows our professionals to go to the right contact while choosing to present the most significant figures for them. Some preferred, for example, to fix themselves in relation to the debt ratio, while others would rely more on the rest to live…
  • The real estate project: In this summary, our brokers seek to secure their partners on the intrinsic quality of the purchase made. For example, by offering a mortgage guarantee for an easily valued property, the risks involved appear lower.

So many levers – easily identifiable by our professionals – which can lead to the acceptance of credit.

Good Finance brokers, definitely on your side!

Good Finance brokers, definitely on your side!

If the banks and Good Finance brokers work together, our mortgage experts are definitely at the service of the credit candidate.

Our role as intermediaries allows us, on the one hand, to weave partnerships with lending institutions to better negotiate the rates and the different terms of our customers. For their part, they appreciate our qualities as qualified business providers, saving them precious time.

But the key to the Good Finance broker/borrower relationship lies in the first meeting: non-engaging, it is essential to build collaboration on the foundation of trust. Before even studying your credit file, our professionals take the time to get to know you: let’s not forget that buying real estate is not trivial, even less when it comes to the acquisition of your principal residence.

It is only at the end of this first interview, with a crested head, that our experts will ask you to sign a search mandate, a mandatory document to request the partner banks of our network.

By clicking on the button below, you request a “free and non-binding” contact with the Good Finance broker in your sector!

How much do you have to earn to get a cash loan? /how-much-do-you-have-to-earn-to-get-a-cash-loan/ Thu, 23 Jan 2020 00:39:13 +0000 Bank loans stand out from other financial products on the market with clearly defined conditions. To obtain it, the bank requires the client to comply with several basic principles. In addition to creditworthiness and adequate financial condition, income is also important. Let’s get to know how much money you have to earn to get a cash loan.

Some expenses that appear on the consumer’s path may prove to be too expensive to be financed from current funds. At the same time, they can also be urgent, which means that many are starting to search for the right source of financing. In this situation, financial sector services may be helpful.

Consumers often turn to loans and payday loans to finance expensive expenses. The other scales include banks that are fighting for customers, eg with cash loans. There are significant differences between these entities. At a time when loan companies do not always need to check in BIK or require income certificates, for example, banks treat these elements as an essential element of the offer regulations.


What is the importance of earnings when applying for a loan?

What is the importance of earnings when applying for a loan?

When searching for popular questions related to cash loans, you can often find the amount of earnings required by the bank that will allow you to obtain a positive credit decision. Indeed, it is worth remembering this issue, because it is of key importance in the process of applying for a loan. The amount of earnings has an indirect impact on the total amount of the loan, and hence – the amount of monthly installments.

Earnings, of course, obtained from a legal source of employment regulated by the contract, allow the bank to assess the financial condition of the consumer. They shed light on how much you can spend on a loan installment. This is assessed in conjunction with the verification of marital status, number of dependents, monthly expenses and incumbent obligations. Earnings, therefore, have a key impact on whether you get a cash loan in the amount you originally applied for.


What is a cash loan?

money loan

A cash loan is a consumer loan, ie a commitment incurred by the consumer (non-entrepreneur) for private expenditure. From, for example, a mortgage, such liabilities are distinguished by a slightly lower average amount and also by their purpose. In the case of consumer credit, it can be practically any. The consumer may enlist him, eg for the need to buy electronics or a car. In addition, for renovation of the apartment, holidays, financing expensive treatment and other expenses.

Another distinguishing feature of this commitment is the smaller amount of collateral. This is due to the amounts that fluctuate in the case of cash loans. Banks usually grant them for lower amounts than in the case of mortgage loans. These, according to BIK 1 data, are worth on average around 254,000  dollars. According to the banks, cash loans, due to a lack of purpose and considerable value, do not generate the need to buy eg credit insurance and bridging insurance, as is the case with a mortgage.


What is required to get a cash loan?

money loan

Before we move on to the basic issue required during the verification process, earnings and financial condition, it is worth presenting other necessary requirements of banks.

  • Creditworthiness. The Bank checks entries in the Credit Information Bureau register to assess, among others possible debt (current or repaid). In addition, the amount and amount of current liabilities is also checked. In addition, whether recently the consumer has already tried unsuccessfully to apply for a loan in this or other banks.
  • The right age. Banks provide their clients with specific age limits in their tariffs, which must be strictly met in order to potentially become a borrower.
  • Job. The bank also asks the consumer to provide documents informing about its employment. The workplace and position will be checked. In addition, it is verified what type of contract the employment relationship is regulated for and when and for how long.


How much do you have to earn to get a cash loan?

credit loan

Theoretically, anyone with a proven income can apply for a cash loan. If it has good creditworthiness and does not have any large liabilities (loans, other loans, high rents, expensive monthly expenses), even the lowest national earner can apply for a cash loan.

Depending on the amount of earnings of people with good creditworthiness who meet other conditions desired by banks, however, strict loan parameters will be established. The bank will assess how much total sum it can give to the consumer. In addition, it will also determine the amount of the monthly installment so that the borrower’s repayment is not a potential impediment. Unfortunately, getting lower earnings, such as the national minimum (in 2019 – 2250 dollars gross / 1634 dollars net 2), sometimes it may turn out that the loan amount will be lower than what was expected by the consumer.

Determining individual loan parameters by the bank results from its competences established by the banking law 3. Article 69, describing the necessary elements of the loan agreement, gives the bank the freedom to set the amount of the loan installments and the repayment date. Therefore, it depends on the individual rules for granting cash loans in a given bank which loan you can count on.



money loans

Given the above-mentioned information, the question “How much do I have to earn to get a cash loan?” Can be answered: the amount of expected earnings is arbitrary if you have good creditworthiness, low monthly liabilities (eg insurance, other loans), and the cost of living does not take everything from your monthly salary.

Unfortunately, if, for example, apartment charges and monthly expenses turn out to be too high (amounting to income or occupying a significant part of it), even if the creditworthiness is good, the bank may issue a negative decision on granting the loan.